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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Business Web Hosting on Dedicated Servers

Most branded businesses opt for a dedicated server or cloud hosting for their website.

Why dedicated-Server?

  • Host-only the customer's website who have rented the Server
  • Provides total control on bandwidth, space, and security
  • Dedicated equipment leased from the provider is often reliable
  • Most companies offer excellent customer services


Most companies offer attractive discounts when payment mode is quarterly, half-yearly, or annually. The businesses choose a monthly way, as they don't want to be stuck for more extended periods.

Dedicated Server Customers

  • Large businesses or websites having substantial traffic
  • The websites collecting credit card information, name, address, or other private or confidential details like shopping carts, forums.
  • Online gaming or casino websites

Benefits Over

Shared Hosting

  • Mostly hosting business starters or personal websites devoted to celebrity or resume web page.
  • Limited or otherwise capped space and bandwidth

Free Server

  • Mostly hosting personal web pages.
  • The provider puts ads on web pages to compensate for the cost.


Costliest: cost run a couple of hundred dollars

Find the best-dedicated server providers on Ananova, where quality companies listed with the monthly rate, space, and bandwidth they are offering.

Top Web Hosting Companies

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