When to Switch to Dedicated Hosting

hostgatorThere comes a time when most small business owners will turn into medium business owners. From there, some of those medium-sized companies may turn into large companies and even become massive corporations (hey, we all have to start somewhere, right?).

Sometime between the merge from small to medium, most business owners will consider moving to a dedicated hosting option. If you’re wondering when is the right time to make that transition, here are some ways to figure it out.

When to Move to Dedicated Hosting

1. Is your site currently making money? If you are generating an income of roughly $200 per day, you may need to move to a dedicated hosting option.

2. Are you generating a ton of unique traffic? The more traffic you get, the more a dedicated hosting package is appealing.

3. Is your site experiencing a ton of downtime? Downtime can happen when sharing a server with other websites. If you’re getting thousands of visitors per day and your site is slow, those people will soon get sick of your slow site.

4. Are you expecting to grow larger very quickly? If you have a marketing team or are getting a ton of traffic from great content, it’s time to make the switch.

5. Is it really cheaper to stay with a shared hosting package? If you weight it all out, I’m betting that you aren’t going to save money by going the shared route. Why? Because shared hosting means a slower site with more downtime, and that will cost you clients.

How to Choose a Provider

Chances are that your current hosting provider is already pressuring you into switching to dedicated hosting. If that’s happening, you may feel inclined to sign up for dedicated services with your present provider. Sometimes, the company that you’re working with can, indeed, give you a better package (because, really, they don’t want to lose your business).

But, that’s not always the case. At times, it will pay to shop around for a better option. How much should you pay for a dedicated hosting package? It really depends on how much you get with that package (additions and customer support availability are both something to consider). While it’s hard to pinpoint an exact price, it is simple enough to give you this piece of advice: don’t settle for something mediocre.

A Suggestion

If you want to take my advice, I’m going to suggest that you check out HostGator. Why? Because this company has a customer service team that rocks, a tech team that knows how to fix problems, and it’s a small enough company so that you can still get in touch with the right people when you need to.

I know that making the switch from shared to dedicated hosting can seem difficult (and more expensive at the start), but it’s probably a move that you’ll want to make if any of the above criteria apply to your current website.

Questions? Just ask!

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