Beware of These 5 Dedicated Hosting Tricks

dedicated hosting trapsThere are a lot of benefits to signing up with a dedicated hosting provider. If you run a small business, there’s really no other way to go, since shared hosting will only slow down your site and aggravate your clients. But with all of the hosting companies out there, you do have to be careful which hosting package you choose.

Some hosting providers are only trying to trap you, and that will mean lots of money from your pocked for a raw deal in return. Since our goal is to protect you from signing up for a bad dedicated hosting deal, we thought we’d warn you about the pirates of the hosting world.

Here are the top five things to watch out for when signing up for a dedicated hosting plan.

1. Is that support line really real? As ridiculous as it sounds, some hosting companies set up fake support lines. Or, in some cases, support may be limited to one man with one phone – not really the support team you had in mind, right? Before you sign up with any hosting company, do make sure that the support phone number listed actually works – and call at all hours to be certain that you can reach someone when you need to (hosting disasters don’t necessarily happen during work hours!).

2. Buried costs and pricing details. Just like any other plan (cell phone plans come to mind!), some companies like to hide all kinds of costs amidst fine print. Search through all of those documents and papers to see if there are any hidden costs. If you come across something that doesn’t make sense, ask about it.

3. Beware of various restrictions. Sure, that company you’re eyeing may say that they offer tons of bandwidth and unlimited options, but that’s really far fetched, if you think about it. You know better than to believe a car dealer that yells “absolutely zero cost to you up front!” Well, the same logic applies when shopping for a hosting company. Restrictions exist, and it’s better to understand what they are in advance of actually signing up.

4. Do your homework. Does one website offer up a ton of awesome reviews for just one hosting provider? If so, I’d look for some more reviews! Make sure that you spend time searching the Internet for the best reviews out there (or best review sites), and find real and true reviews by actual people (not robots). You’ll be glad you spent the extra time when you sign up for that hosting plan!

5. Watch for a lack of knowledge. If the support line you’re testing actually works, you’re on the right track. Now, you have to make sure that a support team has a good grasp of the product that they are selling. Test out the support team of any given hosting company by calling and asking questions. If your basic questions can’t be answered, imagine what kind of a mess you’ll be in when the really tough questions arise!

Be on your guard when you’re looking for a great dedicated hosting option. There are lots of great hosting companies out there, no doubt, just be certain that you spend a lot of time choosing the right one before you sign any kind of digital paperwork! Questions? Just ask! We’re here to help.


Photo by Alfonso_Garcia Via Flickr Creative Commons

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