Redefining Business with Cloud Hosting

The demand for cloud hosting for business is rising up along with time. There are companies all around the world who are now making a good number of changes to their company business. Now that the new rising companies as well as old and large … [Read more...]

When To Choose Dedicated Hosting

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Site with a lot of traffic should use dedicated hosting. But, how do you know if your site gets that much traffic? Further, what kind of traffic does your site get? Answering these questions will help you make the decision to move to a dedicated … [Read more...]

How to Move To a New Host

Any kind of moving can cause headaches, but moving to a new web host is seriously stressful - made worse by not moving your site properly or not understanding how to move the type of site that you're currently running. If you don't know how to move … [Read more...]

Web Hosting Packages Explained

Web hosting packages can be confusing - especially if this is your first time looking for a web hosting plan. To help you out with all the lingo, here's a breakdown of the plans you're most likely to find. Managed Hosting: when you sign up for … [Read more...]